Sustainably Grown
We grow our produce using all organic methods. Our job as farmers is to build healthy soils that invigorate our crops and deter pests.  We feed our soil with green manures (cover cropping), compost, and organic materials. We never spray any synthetic pesticides, herbicideds, or fungicides. The following are organic methods we utilize on our farm:
Composting:  We work with other farms in our region to source locally generated composts that are rich with the nutrients our soils need to support resilient and nutritious crops.
Variety Selection: We carefully select varieties of vegetables that we know grow well organically in our soils and our climate. 
Crop Rotation: We rotate our crops on a five-year schedule, rotating plant families all around the farm. This helps to avoid pest pressure and also keeps our soils more balanced. 
Cover Cropping:  Every year our fields are sown in cover crops that capture carbon and store it in our soils.  This practice greatly reduces erosion and creates habitat for beneficial organisms both above and below ground.
Row Cover and Hoop Houses: We use floating row covers to create warmer conditions for our spring and fall crops, making our plants stronger and more disease and pest resistent.  This lightweight fabric also creates a physical barrier to keep pests off of tender young plants. Our hoop houses enable us to grow tomatoes in the summer and even into the fall since they protect the plants from various diseases. In the winter, we use the structures to produce tender spinach right through our coldest months.
  1. We grow intensely, fully utilizing every inch of ground.
  2. We rotate crops to help address pest pressure and to ensure healthy soils.
  3. Organically grown garlic drying in the barn.
  4. Eggplant and tomato plants started from seed in our propagation house.
  5. Happy, organically grown tomatoes!
  6. Our shiitakes in bloom.
  7. We grow tomatoes in our hoop houses to avoid disease pressure.
  8. The good guys help us combat the bad guys organically.